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So….Giles Peterson is DJ’ing in the pool this weekend



Since Giles is rocking The Shipping Forecast on Sunday I thought i’d post this video of Giles engaging in one of my favourite activities….BEAT DIGGING in Cuba!!!

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Grandwizard Theodore demonstrating his DJ skills


Oh good lord, the needle drops on this are RIDICULOUS….


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Disco Noir

A heads up for those lovers of underground Disco and House. Gareth Cheshire is a resident DJ at Circus and Peacock and is one of the best DJ’s i’ve ever come across. Consistently he drops excellent mixtapes via Soundcloud and MP3. He’s started a fine blog highlighting these mixes plus loads on clubland Liverpool and fellow DJ’s.


Highly recomended.

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The greatest character in any film, EVER (well….since Ferris).


This is my new HERO….

“Ok you cunts….let’s see what you can do now!”



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Interesting insight on the design brief for New Anfield in Stanley Park


Recently I was blown away by figures from Liverpool City Council estimating Everton FC’s ecconomic impact to the Liverpool ecconomy is as much as £50 million in additional revenue to the city, per annum. As a die hard Evertonian it pleases me to know that the club brings in so much income to the city I love, which in turn is a jobs and wealth creator. I feel so strongly and passionately about this sporting heritage and worth to the city, that it really shook me to the core when the board of Everton FC foolishly attempted to take the club out of Liverpool to an out of town retail park in Knowsley. As we now know, that groundmove never came about due to it being called in for government enquiry and then later, declined permission. Can you imagine the ecconomic catastrophy it would have caused in Walton, down County Road and for all of the businesses in north Liverpool that rely on the regular matchday income coming from 40,000 fans being in the area every other week!? It would have destroyed Walton.

If you truly love the city you live in, then sporting rivalry must take a backseat on occasion. When one considers the ecconomic impact of both clubs and the absolute neccesity for this city to have the greatest sporting fascilities, it would be churlish to put footballing rivialries before the ecconomic need of the city. I know that when the Kirkby situation was still ongoing, many, many Liverpudlians described the potential move out of the city to be a great shame and very bad for the city. Similarly, if you truly love the city of Liverpool, I believe it should be seen as an absolute catastrophe, that the current boardroom situation at Liverpool Football Club is risking the delay and possible even cancellation of what could and MUST be, the construction of one of the greatest footballing stadiums of the world, in New Anfield.

If Everton bring in £50 million annually to this city, Liverpool FC with (all jibes aside) it’s multi national fanbase and worldwide popular brand, must surely bring in two to three times that amount. This in real terms is hotels full on matchdays, resturants, bars, coffee shops, sports stores, taxis, pubs all doing a roaring trade on matchdays.  An international fanbase coupled with a tourist attraction in Anfield itself further increases footfall simply by the fact that Norwegian ; ), Irish and Spanish visitors will stay in the city longer than just for the duration of a match. They will stay often for the weekend and while doing so will be spending serious cash in Liverpool city centre.

Jobs, employment, WEALTH. The three things we desperately need in this city.

Tom Hick’s may be a folk hero to many Evertonians for what he’s done to Liverpool FC (and I will admit to the odd chuckle at the red’s current crisis myself!)….but what he’s doing to Liverpool the city by crippling one of it’s biggest institutions, is absolutely criminal.

Manchester, a city that has a fraction of Liverpool’s sporting heritage or honours, particularly footballing (27 league titles between Everton and Liverpool, before getting on to other honours), has 2 world class footballing stadiums in Old Trafford and Eastlands City of Manchester Stadium. By world class I mean not only that they are top clas fascilities, but also they have the capability and liscences to hold major European finals and potentially World Cup games. If they are deemed important enough to deserve 2 cracking stadiums, surely Liverpool, the most succesfull footballing city in Britain, deserves 2 world class stadia also!? Yet 20 years into both Liverpool clubs searching for a new ground, we are still in antiquated stadiums that are not fit for purpose (either a decrepit stadium with ancient fascilities at Goodison….or capacity restrictions at Anfield). We could find ourselves in a situation where Everton and Liverpool are STILL searching and waiting to get the money together, in the next decade….meanwhile Old Trafford have planning permission to build over the railway behind their south stand to take their 75,000 seater stadium to a staggering 95,000. Rumours abound in the national press that the Arabs who own city are looking to expand Eastlands to 65-75,000, by building another teir of seats on top of what they have now….and almost 50,000 seat state of the art stadium.

We both, Liverpudlians and Evertonians, deserve better than this!

Everton’s stadium problems have been well doccumented and I will not go into them here and now, partly because I find it so fucking frustrating, but also because this particular post is specifically in relation to New Anfield. I bring this to you as an interested Evertonian who cares deeply about the city and has a huge interest in design and Liverpool’s current buildings rennaisance. Liverpool’s proposed New Anfield is a 60,000 seat superstadium, built specifically to be extended at a later date to 75,000 seats. It is (hopefully) going to be built on Stanley Park and it will feature a 20,000 seat single teir Spion Kop….

Recently I came across this youtube video of the head designer for the New Anfield stadium, Brian Trubey. This is the guy who has designed Cowboys Stadium in America and in the vid he’s talking to some American students. Liverpudlians, people interested in urban, functional design, folks interested in world stadia, and even some Evertonians ; ) might be interested….

A few things that I found very encouraging where the recognition of the Kop, particularly the decision to show “reverence” to the Spion by not having tacky advertising on the Kop, which is the usual American way (see any Grid Iron end zone or baseball park!). It must have been such a HUGE temptation to have a large advertising hoarding and video displays in the actual Kop itself to increase revenue. I must say I am impressed that the designers refused this. Another plus point for me is the reverence shown to the park and it’s interesting to hear an American’s take on the history and importance of the park in a worldwide context. As he says in the video, this wonderful Liverpool gem was created by the mentor of the designer of NY’s Central Park.

A final point that impressed me was the intention by the designer to open the ground up and make it “transparent”. By opening up the corners this creates a sense that the stadium is part of the actual park, rather than a closed off, wrapped around fascility thats screams “KEEP OUT!”. While the stadium will obviously be closed off to the non-match ticket buying public….the interior and impressive sight of the crowds inside will still be visable to anyone using the park. The Kop being seperate from the rest of the ground also, for me creates a situation similar to Dortmunds fantastic ground, where the Kop becomes the focus point of the entire stadium, creating a unique atmosphere and identity.

For me….as a lover of the city of Liverpool, this stadium MUST be built. Liverpool and Everton MUST build 2 world class stadiums of over 55,000 seats, capable of hosting major tournaments and European finals. This would bring in hundreds of millions of pounds into the city and if need be, the Northwest Development Agency and Liverpool City Council MUST pull their fingers out and help both clubs. This is not the case of two private businesses profiteering….this is a case of hundreds of millions of pounds of investment that must be encouraged, creating thousands of jobs and increasing local wealth. Higher capacities at Goodison and Anfield (or elsewhere in the city) would mean thousands more hotels, taxis, pubs, shops, etc being used every single week. It would mean prestige and increased tourism for the city. It would provide revenue for this city that is currently unimaginable.

The owners of Liverpool football club must sell up as soon as is possible for a reasonable price, so that new owners….who MUST be properly screened this time and only allowed to purchase the club if the credit is there imediately to beging building New Anfield….can get started on this much needed city fascility.

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Tories = full of SHIT!

13/04/2010 3 comments


Ahhhhh David Cameron, you are fooling nobody!

Just once i’d love this slimey, lying, puffin faced, cunt to come out publicly and say the truth, which is “if you vote for us it’s every man for himself!” I would actually respect him for that and give him much kudos.

Gideon is particularly NOT fooling anyone, as far as I can see. He is totally inept and has no experience of running the books anywhere. In his private work he specialised in communications. In other words proffesional lying. No ecconomics experience whatsoever! One would have to hope that if he gets into power he gets quickly shovelled over to one side in favour of someone like Hauge, or even dare I say it, Ken Clarke (!!!).

Gideon is for me the most interesting man in modern politics. I see him as a Dark Sith, Emperor Palpatine type character, hiding in the shadows, manipulating events for evil purposes.

It is so interesting to me, in a media age where every politician must be a pretty boy who exudes likeability at all times, that a guy who has such an unfortunate sneer about him, is allowed anywhere near the front benches. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy is a New World Order Illuminati lizard!

I am sure his awkward look of distain whenever those horrible wasteful public services (that the rest of us poor cunts happen to rely on George) are mentioned is the reason why he has not been visable during this election campaign. Has anyone else noticed how he has been kept in the background during this election? No doubnt due to his EPIC fail during the chancellors debate where he came across as the least turstworthy on the ecconomy in public reactions to the televised debates. I believe most people polled the day after said they would actually place him 4th in a list of people they would trust to run the ecconomy BELOW ken Clarke….the guy responsible for boom and bust in Britain in the 1990’s.

I am sure the Tories are keeping him out of the limelight (until the election is over anyway!) because his sneer and general facial expressions resemble that of an Aristocrat who has just been told that his daughter is marrying a docker.

….and that aristocratic sneer of distaste towards the average pleb does have a a certain pedigree, what with him being of the landed aristocracy. You see George Osbourne is heir to the Osbourne Baronetcy of Ballentaylor in the County of Waterford. This makes him a part of what is known in Ireland as part of The Ascendancy. In other words the old Anglo-Irish Aristocracy who ruled the roost over the host Catholic Irish population and effectively caused the majority of the shit that caused the irish uprising and eventual war with the IRA. 

Lets take a quick look at just SOME of the shit Gideon’s ancestors dished out to the Irish….

  • Exclusion of Catholics from most public offices.
  • Catholics barred from holding firearms or serving in the armed forces.
  • Bar from membership in either the Irish or British parliament
  • Exclusion from the legal professions and the judiciary; repealed (respectively) 1793 and 1829.
  • Bar to Catholics entering Trinity College Dublin; repealed 1793  
  • Ban on converting from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism
  • Ban on Catholics buying land under a lease of more than 31 years.
  • Ban on custody of orphans being granted to Catholics
  • Ban on Catholics inheriting Protestant land
  • Prohibition on Catholics owning a horse valued at over £5 (in order to keep horses suitable for military activity out of the majority’s hands)
  • Roman Catholic lay priests had to register to preach.
  • When allowed, new Catholic churches were to be built from wood, not stone, and away from main roads.
  • “No person of the popish religion shall publicly or in private houses teach school, or instruct youth in learning within this realm”.


Now of course poor George cannot and should not be held responsible for the crimes of his ancestors in the landed aristocracy of his estate (directly responsible for the ascendancy and all of the above). George wasn’t even born then!

No!….but don’t forget one of the first peices of policy Gideon put forward and is a centre peice of Tory policy.


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